Suntory Collection Signature Whisky Arita Somenishiki Fukuju


Distillery: Suntory
Whisky Origin: Japanese
Single Malt: Yes
Alcohol Strength: 43%
Label Condition: Good
Shoulder Level: Good
Weight: 3 Kg

Suntory is the oldest whisky making company in Japan. Its origins stretch back to a small shop, started in 1899 by Torii Shinjiro, which specialized in selling imported wines. Today, it is the country’s largest and most recognizable producer of quality whisky. Every year, the company releases a number of handmade, hand painted ceramic bottlings containing a special Suntory blended whisky. This particular Signature Arita Somenishiki Fukuju whisky is a handmade ceramic bottle with Japanese illustrations. Presented with original box, this bottle is a limited collector’s item!


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